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Our Top Gold & Silver Stocks with Economic Updates

Premium Investment Research in the Gold & Silver Sector

Never run out of ideas!

You’ll Get:

  • Our winning names of stocks that we add to the portfolio
  • Economic indicators reports updated monthly on the major economies
  • New stocks report is released each month
  • 2 Macro economic reports released monthly (Global Economic Report (US & Asia, etc) and US Housing Report)
  • Be able to ask questions on our live quarterly conference calls
  • Get One-on-One access to Paul – Ask up to 12 Questions per membership year

Unbeatable deal! All-in $498/year.


Done-For-You Global Database of Mining Stocks & Mining ETFs

How to Get Exclusive Access to the List that VIPs rely on daily

Never run out of ideas!

Find the Profitable Ideas Anywhere, Anytime… Even If You’re Not A “Professional”

You’ll Get:

  • Get access to the list of mining stocks and mining ETFs across 5 Major Exchanges (USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Hong Kong)

  • One of the most comprehensive mining stocks database in the world to ensure you’ll never run out of investment ideas – Covering the entire mining chain of Explorers, Developers, Producers, & more!

  • +2,200 mining stocks and +275 mining ETFs saving you time to find winning investment opportunities that you’ve been looking for.

  • The database of ideas that will help you find profitable ideas faster before your competitors, so you can find companies before its in the news, allowing you to advance from being an average investor to a world class professional

  • Stop wasting time building your own list and randomly wasting time looking for stocks online.

Unbeatable deal! One time payment of $9.00.

FREE Ready-to-use Mining Investment Checklist & Insider Kit

Invest in any mining stocks, know what moves the stocks higher, and protect you from losses… Even If You’re Not A “Professional”

  • Learn The #1 mistake investors make that pretty much guarantees them losing money (and how to avoid it)

  • A faster and more professional way to evaluate mining producer stocks to uncover the game being played around you by professionals and systematically dominate it.

  • A simple framework to systematically identify winning mining producer stocks (and effortlessly get more stock ideas).

  • Learn how to apply First Macro Capital Commodity Hype Cycle to any commodity you are investing in – Identifying investor Psychology, and Supply and Demand events that occur throughout the cycle.

  • Learn the top factors professionals ask, when evaluating mining producer stocks.

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