How Do You Find Mining Producer Stocks?

Reader Question:

How do you time exactly when to get back into the gold stocks for? the BIG run up to come? 

When are you getting i and what mining producers?




We appreciate your interest in the efforts what we do at First Macro Capital. We have only launched recently, and we are growing faster than we have ever imagined. The comments and questions readers are coming in faster and we are looking to add staff because we offer an approach that takes in account the macroeconomics that professional investors look at to manage their portfolios, and not get caught up in the doom and gloom. While focusing on key factors that professional analysts would look to specific companies to add to a gold and silver portfolio.

Portfolio Managers will rotate into stocks that are growing because they make the assumption, they do not know what the gold price will do today or tomorrow. Its a business, would you invest in a business that isn’t growing?  At First Macro Capital, we look for growth stories in mining companies. They can outperform the gold price because revenues are growing. We also look at the entire because diversified industrials, financials, technology companies that are able to enjoy the tailwinds of commodities, without actually running a mine. 


This is one of our most in-demand questions that we receive. We want companies that we can hold for more than a few months and build a portfolio with. This way we can enjoy the efforts of the company’s management executing on its plans. I have some investments that I have personally never sold a share in, and they have significantly outperformed the price of gold.

We will be launching our research very soon, as the requests in our professional research have been very high. A lot of investors are concerned what is happening in the world, and we are trying to get the research out as soon as possible. We have priced the research so retail investors can afford this research, but still give them institutional quality and insights. Our #1 request is to be able to ask questions on the research, which we will be offering. We think this of significant value to you.

  • You will be able to see what we own, and with our own money at work.
    • Most research online, you don’t see the owner putting his money to work. We do. We align our interests with our readers.
  • Professionals look at leading indicators
    • We will be keeping you updated on key leading indicators on the health of the economy because it’s the way professionals look at the world, instead of getting caught up with all the doom and gloom.
    • Most investors have never been properly trained how to evaluate these indicators, and it allows you to stay focused on what matters.
  • You will be able to directly ask me questions relating to our investment research.


We would need the everyday non-investor to switch from wanting to own public assets to private assets. We saw this with Bitcoin, in the beginning, where everyone laughed at it, now it seems like everyone wants in. It is this shift in confidence from public assets, primarily bonds, to private assets. This shift in mentality will create the boom that everyone is looking for. It is important to remember if you are a trader or long-term to know your own personality. We are starting to get close, as this business cycle is coming to end. All commodities will go up, not just gold, that is what you must remember and not be confused with. Commodities are in the private assets category. You have already seen key assets like oil, cobalt, copper, rebound significantly over the past 1-2 years.


This is where we look at the historical nature of cycles, particularly in the commodity sector, which we previously looked at the upside and downside. of entering in the gold sector. There are two considerations to look at, with any investment. 1 The upside potential, in relation to where you are today, and 2. The time horizon to the target. Portfolio Managers position to allocate a percentage of their overall assets to the sector, if they are a generalist long-short hedge or traditional manager. You are either positioned or not positioned, with some allocation.


Having been a professional research analyst, and working with award-winning portfolio managers, we get this question asked a lot. As if there is some secret sauce. Unfortunately, there is no one-way to find investment opportunities. I have found names in the elevator looking at logos, watching a YouTube video, but normally the fastest way is to go one name at a time with a list. Most of the companies you end up saying no to, and its easier to narrow it down. This is why I took the Warren Buffett quote to heart, many years ago, as to just turn the page.

“It was absolutely a question of turning pages”. – Warren Buffett

I know a lot of time spent looking for names randomly, hoping you will find a diamond. You look at random names, maybe the same name 3-4 times, without deciding to pull the trigger on it.

This is why we built one of the largest mining databases in the world, at a price all investors can afford, not just institutional investors. This way we have a greater impact on the investment community.

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