One Chart the World May Soon Focus On

While many investors and individuals are focused on the number of COVID-19 global laboratory-confirmed cases. One area that has been given little attention, is the trajectory of confirmed cases outside of China. The implications as to what happens with COVID-19 outside of China will be important for the health of the global economy, and if the global economy can weather this storm to avoid a global recession.

When the first WHO situation report on COVID-19 was released for January 21, 2020, there were only 3 countries not including China that reported 4 confirmed cases. Then one week later on January 27, there were 11 countries not including China reporting 37 confirmed cases and no deaths. Fast forward to February 16, the WHO reported more than 600 confirmed cases, in 25 countries outside of China. This is all within a one-month time period.

The number of countries that have reported confirmed cases is now above 26. Promisingly, seven countries have now reported all of their confirmed cases have now recovered. The next 2-4 weeks will be important to see the trajectory as to what happens next. The global economy is in need of a slowdown in confirmed cases.

Let’s hope this can be resolved soon.


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