Why First Macro Capital?

FIRST MACRO CAPITAL is an Independent Investment Research Company.

Why Investors Trust
First Macro Capital


Our team employs a macro approach identifying the major forces influencing the resource sector. FMC applies this market understanding to identify, select, and evaluate the best gold and silver stocks for our clients.

We don’t believe in promoting you penny stocks to make 30,000% and may never earn revenue. Instead, we focus on 10-12 consistent performers that are easy to understand.

We focus on gold and silver stocks that are revenue-generating companies, allowing our retail clients to gain an in-depth understanding of the companies they are investing in. With this approach, it allows our clients to Sleep at Night and Invest Long-term.

First Macro Capital (FMC) produces in-depth professional analysis of gold and silver mining companies. Smart, independent thinking Retail Investors have been able to use our research to make more informed decisions about managing their personal portfolios. Our approach is detailed while remaining simple and easy to understand.

Our Institutional Clients chose us, because they want to know the risk-reward each idea has, including incorporating leading indicators economy, that helps them position their portfolio and know the factors that will move each company higher.

Our Sole Purpose is to offer a professional investment research approach to Retail and Institutional Investors that is easy to understand and allows you to calmly invest in the gold and silver industry, so you can increase the odds of profiting over the long-term, and sleep at night.

Dear Friend, My name is Paul Farrugia, CEO of First Macro Capital.

Unlike some online financial ‘gurus’, Paul has spent his professional career working in investment industry. Prior to starting First Macro Capital, he served as Vice President of Investment Research at Rocklinc Investment Partners. He has worked in the financial market and advisory arms of two of Canada’s largest banks; BMO Nesbitt Burns and Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets.

Developing an early interest in the resource sector, Paul was a Mining Consultant for a long-short hedge fund. He has had the opportunity to work directly with two award winning portfolio managers and has been licensed as an Associate Portfolio Manager in Canada. Paul holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto. He has advised companies in more than 5 countries (Canada, China, United States, New Zealand,
& Angola), and has met some of the world’s top investors.


You’ve been following doom and gloom blogs and watching YouTube videos.

You have been holding stocks for the past 3-5 years, and they are down more than 50%.

Your spouse is complaining about how you lost on the last investment, and you keep trying to say that you are getting better.

You bought a stock, but you have no idea when to sell.

You have no idea what moves your stocks, and you don’t have time to follow your stocks.

“Truth – most gold NEVER gets out of the mine and into production,….no matter who discovers it” – Doug Casey

“90% of retail traders lose 90% of their money in 90 days” – Anton Kreil

“Average investors have no idea why their stock goes Up or Down.” – Paul Farrugia


You want to be able to ask questions about investment research, when you feel stuck..

You are looking for long-term investments, because you are too busy with family and work.

You are looking for investments that have lower ups & downs, because you want to sleep at night.

You are looking for a professional and easy to understand approach.

You want to know what to focus on in gold stocks and not get caught up with all the doom and gloom in the world.



First Macro Capital provides Retail & Institutional Investors high quality professional investment research to identify winning OPPORTUNITIES in gold and silver stocks, so you can sleep well at night.

We focus on companies that are involved in the ENTIRE value chain of gold and silver stocks. Whether it’s the miner, the driller, the banker, or a technology company provider.

We look at the world holistically, through all asset classes, because when investors sell one asset, they are buying another asset, and how it impacts another investment, particularly Gold & Silver stocks.

Everything in this world is CONNECTED

Why Retail Investors Trust First Macro Capital

You want to be able to ask questions about investment research, when You need clarification.
(Our most popular feature).

The average investor doesn’t have time to dedicate over 70 hours a week to find winning mining stocks.

We talk with CEOs, visit their sites, and listen to hundreds of conference calls a year to pick the best stocks for our clients.

Most average investors spend more time talking GDP, Employment, Rates & politics, but very few understand how these indicators impact the stock market.

Access to PROFESSIONAL research for the average investor is either prohibitively expensive or deceptive (scams).
Why Professionals Trust First Macro Capital

You have direct access to our research team to ask questions and attain clarification, relating to the macro research and companies that we prepare reports on.
This is the most popular feature of our professional products, it sets us apart from firms that simply produce a report and provide minimal to no follow-up.

Quality research provides a real edge over the competition.

You want to find new investment ideas, that fit your long-term investment approach.

First Macro Capital provides far greater value than many large investment houses. Good research often comes with a hefty price tag, we are different.

Macro factors often require a second opinion. We look at things from a fresh, more comprehensive perspective, often lacking in the industry.

You Want Someone To Show You The Potential Opportunities

We look forward to welcoming you to the First Macro Capital community. We are committed to our Professional and Retail clients. Here, you have access to a professional investment research team, that smart and successful retail and professional investors depend on for an edge in gold & silver stocks.

We hope our research analysis and professional support allow you to enjoy more opportunities, greater control, more freedom, and peace of mind.

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